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Chupi Engraving ServiceUpdated 8 months ago

Engagement & Wedding rings:

Chupi offers engraving as a complimentary service for rings purchased from our Engagement and Wedding ring collections.

You are welcome to add on an engraving request at the time of purchase, or bring your ring back to us at a later date once you have decided on the perfect engraving

Fine Jewellery:

While we do not offer a general engraving service for all pieces, Chupi can offer an add-on engraving service for a limited number of suitable pieces from our Fine Jewellery collection. This service will carry a fee of €50 per piece. If you have a Fine Jewellery piece in mind and are thinking about engraving, please reach out to [email protected] and we can advise if an engraving add-on can be facilitated.

Once your ring has been sent to our engravers, it takes approximately 4 weeks.

Please keep in mind that if your piece already carries a bespoke lead time, i.e. 6-8 weeks, the 4 extra weeks for engraving will be in addition to this lead time.

Please note, once a piece has been engraved, it is considered personalised and will no longer qualify for our returns policy.

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