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How to choose my ring sizeUpdated a year ago

If possible, we recommend visiting our beautiful store in Dublin to be measured for the correct size. If you are based further afield, you can visit a trusted local jeweller to be measured. Most jewellers will offer a measuring service free of charge or for a nominal fee, and will be able to tell you exactly the perfect fit.

We also have the below tools to help you confirm your perfect fit without visiting a jeweller:

Perfect fit guide:

Our hands are each so different, and finding the perfect fit is very personal. Some people prefer a looser fit and some a snugger one.

Your hands will swell and slim with temperature – when your hands are at their most neutral temperature they should reflect their true size. When the hands are very warm, your ring will feel more snug but should never be uncomfortably tight. When the hands are cold, your ring will feel looser but should never feel so loose that it is in danger of falling off.

For the ideal fit, there should be some resistance when you take your ring off your finger, but it should wiggle gently over the widest part of your finger without too much effort. 

If you have slim fingers and wider knuckles, we would recommend going for a tight fit on your knuckle and wearing your ring for 3 months to see how you find the fit. Chupi never takes her engagement ring off so a tight fit works for her, but you might find you want to be able to take your ring off more easily.

Any ring with a large gemstone or diamond (like a You Me & Magic, or Starlight) will move more and possibly swing to the side on your finger - this is gravity pulling on the weight of the gemstone, and is completely normal!

Please email [email protected] to request a resize.

Your first Chupi resizing service is free of charge. Any resizing needed thereafter will incur a fee. 

It is important to note that rings cannot be resized infinitely, and our goldsmiths do not recommend resizing more than three times during the lifetime of a piece, in order to preserve its structural integrity. Due to this, we want to make sure the correct size is selected to minimise the need for subsequent alterations as best we can.

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