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Request a resizeUpdated 9 months ago

Please email [email protected] to request a resize.

Your first Chupi resizing service is free of charge. Any resizing needed thereafter will incur a fee. 

It is important to note that our goldsmiths do not recommend resizing more than three times during the lifetime of a piece, in order to preserve its structural integrity. Due to this, we want to make sure the correct size is selected to minimise the need for subsequent alterations as best we can.

Please ensure you provide your original order number or alternative proof of purchase to proceed with a resize request without delay.

Chupi Client Services Form

When proceeding with a service and posting your piece to us, it is essential that you complete and enclose the Client Services Form you received upon delivery of your Chupi piece. If you no longer have your Client Services Form to hand, please reach out to [email protected] and we can provide you with a new one. The inclusion of this form will ensure we have all of your details, and the details of your requested service, to ensure your request can be processed without delay.

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