How do I find my perfect ring size?

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Our hands are each so different, finding the perfect fit is very personal. Some people prefer a looser fit and some a snugger one.

If you have slim fingers and wider knuckles, we would recommend going for a tight fit on your knuckle and wearing your ring for 3 months to see how you find the fit. Chupi never takes her engagement ring off so a tight fit works for her, but you might find you want to be able to take your ring off.

Any ring with a big gemstone like a You Me & Magic will move and possibly swing on your finger - this is gravity pulling on the weight of the gemstone!

It’s about deciding what is the most comfortable for you we can always size your ring down again at no extra charge, but if you have only just started wearing it we would recommend waiting at least 3 months before you make any changes - rings cannot be resized infinitely, and sizing it up again could cause structural issues down the road.


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