Does Chupi offer other gemstones?

Yes we do! As well as our classic and lab-grown diamonds, we are proud to offer a range of alternative gemstones to suit every taste. Our gemstones are cut to our exact specifications by lapidary artists around the world from London to New York.

Our most popular alternative to a classic diamond  is a Grey Diamond, also known as a Salt & Pepper diamond. To read all about our Grey Diamonds click here.

All of the gemstones that we use in our jewellery are natural stones so the shades will vary slightly. Opals, Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies, Garnets, and Tourmalines are some of our favourites, and are all available in our current collection.

If you would love a piece made with a specific gemstone we don’t currently work with, we always welcome enquiries so please pop us an email at

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