Which Diamonds are certified?

Classic Diamonds & Lab Grown Diamonds: We use many beautiful classic diamonds and now offer Lab Grown Diamonds throughout our collection. If the diamond is 1 carat or above, your piece will come with a GIA certificate to certify the cut, colour and clarity. We do not provide GIA certification for diamonds under 1ct, or for melee diamonds.


Grey Diamonds: We offer a Chupi valuation certificate for all of our Grey diamonds, that can be kept as a keepsake or submitted for insurance purposes.

Grey diamonds do not come with GIA certification as this institution does not certify grey diamonds. Gemological laboratories grade traditional diamonds based on how few inclusions are visible. They grade this clarity, ranging from ‘Internally Flawless’ to ‘Included’. Because grey diamonds are valued for their unique internal patterns caused by the very inclusions traditional diamonds look to eliminate, traditional certification cannot be applied to these stones. We celebrate Grey diamonds because they are full of colour and a galaxy of inclusions making each one unique. They are perfectly imperfect!


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