The gold is wearing off my piece of jewellery?

The gold plating that we use on our charms and rings is a heavy 4 micron layer of 18k gold, it will gradually wear and start to show the sterling silver layer beneath. The places that come into most contact with your skin will be the first to fade as the oils in our skin wear down the gold. This is especially relevant for rings and necklaces sitting against the skin which might be in contact with creams and perfumes.

The gold plated layer will begin to show silver at the points that receive the most wear.

The gold plated layer should last from a few months up to 1 year with gentle wear & if our care guidelines are followed before it needs re-plating.

We offer your first re-plating free of charge. After your first re-plate we can re-plate your piece for a charge of €49, otherwise any good jewellery store can re-plate your Chupi piece. To request for your piece to be re-polished and gold plated for your piece click here.

Gold plating is a wonderful way to have the beautiful colour of gold without the investment that a solid gold piece requires. It’s a wonderful way to wear your favourite piece of jewellery, but for a lifetime purchase of a piece we would always recommend a solid gold piece.

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