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Adjustable ringsUpdated a year ago

Our open, adjustable rings (like the Hope & Magic, Follow Your Dreams, and Victorian Lucky Clover Leaf rings) are adjustable by hand, but are not resizable. 

We understand how precious jewellery is, and want to ensure it is not damaged in the resizing process. An open-band style would weaken if resized like a standard closed band ring, and unfortunately may not withstand the process.

Our adjustable rings are made in sizes small, medium, and large, with each size designed to adjust within a small range of sizes. To adjust your ring within its size range, gently squeeze together or pull apart the ends until the piece fits as desired – don’t be afraid to move the piece as they are made to be adjustable within their size range.

If your adjustable ring cannot be adjusted to fit perfectly, we will do our best to facilitate an exchange for the correct size or for a different piece within 30 days of delivery – please reach out to [email protected] with any exchange requests.

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