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Grey DiamondsUpdated a year ago

Grey Diamonds (or Salt & Pepper diamonds) are exactly the same raw material as traditional diamonds. Mined from the earth alongside their colourless counterparts, they carry visual inclusions of carbon and other minerals captured within them as they formed over millions of years.

The presence of these inclusions give each stone its unique hues, tones and patterns of light, like a tiny galaxy. Each one has different markings, inclusions and colours, making them a really special choice for a precious heirloom

Some Grey Diamonds may also carry natural surface inclusions. We do our very best to source beautiful grey diamonds with spectacular internal inclusions, but minimal surface inclusions. If you have any questions about the inclusions on your Diamond please get in touch with our Care Team [email protected].

Grey Diamonds: Limited Release

We release our rare and beautiful Grey Diamonds in limited quantities, and offer Virtual Consultations to help you purchase and choose your perfect Grey. More information can be found here. We can't wait to chat to you very soon!

You can browse our current grey diamond selection here.

Grey diamonds do not come with GIA certification as this institution does not certify grey diamonds. Gemological laboratories grade traditional diamonds based on how few inclusions are visible. They grade this clarity, ranging from ‘Internally Flawless’ to ‘Included’. Because grey diamonds are valued for their unique internal patterns caused by the very inclusions traditional diamonds look to eliminate, traditional certification cannot be applied to these stones. 

We celebrate Grey diamonds because they are full of colour and a galaxy of inclusions making each one unique. They are perfectly imperfect!

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