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International ReturnsUpdated 6 months ago

We can accept solid gold Chupi pieces in for returns and services, from wherever you are in the world.

To organise a return for refund, access your Chupi account on, by clicking the My Account icon 👤 in the top right hand of the website (or from the main menu in the top left of the site on mobile).

Login to your account using your email address (the email you use as a contact when placing your orders with Chupi).

Select the order from your order history list that you wish you return for refund.

For information on other services, contact [email protected]


Return shipping is to be organised by the sender. If you are posting from outside of Ireland, please note that all shipping and customs charges are payable by the sender, and cannot be covered by Chupi on your behalf. Prior to shipping, please check with your chosen carrier that your returning package is declared correctly for customs to avoid additional fees and delivery delays.

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