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Lab-Grown DiamondsUpdated a year ago

Here at Chupi, we believe lab-grown diamonds are the way of the future. Ethical, sustainable, and carbon-neutral – these beauties are made above the ground instead of below it. They are the perfect alternative to traditional classic diamonds, while still offering the intense sparkle and strength we know and love.

We source laboratory grown, cultivated diamonds as a 100% traceable option for your heirloom ring. Lab-grown, cultivated diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute under the same criteria as mined diamonds – cut, colour, clarity and carat. 

If the diamond is 0.5 carat or above, your piece will come with a IGI certificate to certify its grading. We do not provide IGI certification for diamonds under 0.5ct, or for melee diamonds.

Click here to learn all about our beautiful Lab-Grown diamonds.

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